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5 Pest Control Tips for your Home and Workplace

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Have you seen a line of ants crawling on your countertop? Are you shocked by the sight of rats darting underneath the pantry? Bothered by the critters and pests swarming your properties? Do you need termite treatment in Camden? Pests and insects usually your homes throughout the year.

However, homes are not the only places pests love. They can also stay and hide in your commercial properties and office buildings. These vermin and critters make their way into your workplace in search of food, water, and shelter.

To eliminate pests in your properties, follow these simple pest control tips:

Pest Control Tip #1: Identify Trouble Locations.

One of the most common solutions to stop the spread of pests is to know how they enter and exit the premise. No one wants critters and insects in the entryways of their workplace or home front, right?

To keep these places free of pests, determine the specific areas where they love to stay. Whether it’s an office building or a residential property, these are some of the most common spots where you might find unwelcome bugs and critters:

Exterior Lighting

The lighting on the outside of your property will potentially attract insects. So, avoid installing lighting fixtures from the building’s entrances.

Skip Bins

There’s no doubt that pests like to breed in decaying trash and dark areas. This makes trash receptacles and skip bins the perfect breeding area for them.

If possible, keep bins away from any areas where pests can quickly enter and exit the property. Install a fence around your trash bins to prevent their entry.

Aside from managing the exterior fixtures of your property, ensure that these areas are clean:

Dining Areas and Pantries

When cooking and preparing food, it’s vital to have a sanitary and pest-free space. With a clean dining area, you help stop the spread of germs and keep your properties pest-free.

You and your staff (or family) must always be responsible for cleaning the dining area. After eating, properly store food in sealed containers and wipe out all food debris from the sink or countertops. This will prevent critters from lurking and staying in these areas.


The bathroom drain is one of the dirtiest places in your home or workplace. And since pests and vermin are attracted to dirt, it’s not surprising why they love to stay bathroom drains.

You may notice that cockroaches and bugs get in through the drains near the restrooms. It means that the bathroom is not cleaned and cleared of debris properly. This situation needs to be immediately controlled thorough cleaning and maintenance.

Pest Control Tip #2: Always Perform a Thorough Property Maintenance.

Maintenance and proper pest control in Camden can keep your properties pest-free. When your property’s exteriors are filthy and damaged, they can invite insects and critters. So, holes, cracks, and other structural damages should be attended to and repaired immediately.

Maintaining your property’s landscape can also significantly help prevent pests. Your garden should be neatly trimmed. Don’t let plants and shrubs to overgrow. These are places where pests breed and build nests.

You should never overlook your storage room and basement as well. Clear your space of unnecessary clutter and minimise dumping old and unusable items in your storage space.

Pest Control Tip #3: Eliminate Humid and Cool Areas.

Do you notice that your office or home is damp and cold? If so, you must consider using a dehumidifier. Most vermin thrive in low temperature and humid areas. That’s why it’s essential to keep your space dry.

Having a dry and clean space does not only drive away pests, but it also prevents your family or employees from contracting illness-causing germs and bacteria.

Pest Control Tip #4: Take Photos and Details of the Pest Problem.

When your property needs termite treatment in Camden, you need to be a proactive owner. Don’t just sit around and wait for the pest control experts to do their job. You can always write down all the details of the pests that you saw in your property.

You can even make a comprehensive and detailed list of the problem. This list should include:

  • Date and time of the problem
  • Size and colour of pests sighted
  • Unusual happenings that lead to the problem
  • Other notable details and photos

With this information, professionals can quickly identify the problem and assess the situation before anything gets out of hand.

Pest Control Tip #5: Learn When to Call Pest Control Experts.

Whether you’d encounter pests in your home or workplace, pest sightings are unwelcomed news. They can cause severe problems for your properties and the health of your family or employees.

That said, it’s important to know when to call the professionals! If you ever see pest droppings and urine on your property, or you’ve been doing your own pest control but without any results, then call the experts in pest control in Camden.

Expert Termite Treatments and Reliable Pest Control in Camden

Pests are a threat to any property. When not controlled and treated right away, they can lead to significant property damage and health-related issues. So, have your properties checked by the experts at Evict-A-Pest.

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